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LAMI Cosmetics


I am a makeup artist and for years I have been providing training for professionals.



For me, makeup is a passion, a job and my whole life.

I am a graduate of the School of Management and Banking and Face Art Make-Up School in Krakow. For nearly 10 years I have been pursuing my passion, creating make-up for my own needs, in my work with clients or, carrying out commercial orders in the beauty and fashion industry.

I gained my skills by training with many great Polish and foreign make-up artists. I completed, among others, The Masterclass London workshops conducted by Mario Dedivanovic – Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, as well as workshops with Olga Tomina from Belarus – my greatest authority in the makeup world.

For the past five years, I have been training professional makeup artists, holding individual workshops, group workshops, and makeup demonstrations at my studio in Krakow. Sharing my knowledge and passion, I have also visited major Polish cities, organizing various forms of training.

A turning point in my career was the time when, in accordance with my beliefs, I stood up against big corporations that test cosmetics on animals and stopped using products from most luxury brands.

As I searched for replacements, a list of products that I missed during my daily work as a makeup artist successively formed in my mind. Also, many cosmetics I had used before did not always meet my expectations. I often mixed different products together, improving their colors and formulations or creating a new use for them. So after a time, the concept of my own brand began to form in my mind. At the end of 2020, LAMI Cosmetics was founded and I started working on the first products.

LAMI Cosmetics products are high quality, luxurious and, most importantly, not tested on animals makeup cosmetics.

Production follows the strict guidelines of the company's owner, in Polish laboratories, carried out by a team of specialists with up to 30 years of experience in the industry.

LAMI Cosmetics specializes primarily in the sale of facial makeup cosmetics and is successively expanding its offer with new products. The high standards and quality of the products are confirmed by the many customers who have come to love LAMI Cosmetics.

The company currently offers matte lipsticks in 9 nude shades, liquid highlighters for the body and makeup brushes.

Logo LAMI Cosmetics

What does the term LAMI mean?

According to the leading idea, which is the well-being of animals, there was no way to miss the most important being in my life – a beloved dog named MILA.

As a tribute to her, the name of the brand is the inverted syllables of her name: MILA > LAMI

Idea and genesis of the brand’s creation

LAMI Cosmetics was created with the idea of combining high quality with affordability, and at the same time achieving this without animal testing procedures.

I fell in love with makeup as a teenager and it was love at first sight! Makeup absorbed me completely and hobbyistic watching of tutorials quickly turned into a great passion, then into a permanent occupation and work, which I still practice today.

When it became apparent that the cosmetic market that cares about the well-being of animals did not quite meet my expectations, a new idea slowly began to grow inside me. The idea to create the missing products that would at the same time harmonize with a very important aspect of my life philosophy – a love for animals. 

„If you are sad, put on more lipstick and attack!”;

Coco Chanel

Dogs to Help

2% of the monthly salesy from LAMI brand products will be donated to support the „Dogs to Help” Foundation.

While fulfilling my dreams, I also want to do something good for animal shelters, because thanks to them I have my most faithful dog friend.

I have been observing the dedication of members of the foundation for a long time, and I appreciate them enormously for the help they give to pets in need. I know that every zloty counts so that they can operate resiliently, but most of all so that they can cover the costs of treatment and maintenance of rescued animlas.

So I am glad that LAMI can support such wonderful people and their actions.

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